Master Class in Lipids
21st , 22nd & 23rd April 2017

Dear Student
Welcome to the master class in lipids organized by LAI and accredited by International Atherosclerosis Society (IAS). The overall aim of the Lipid Master class is to provide Health care professionals with an educational programme that will enhance their knowledge and understanding of the management of Lipids and ultimately improve patient care.

The master class been designed to incorporate relevant and practical topics related to the management of Lipids. The course aims to combine both presentation and interactive case based learning. The session will be led by Lipid experts

The master class will contain a combination of up front educational lectures, interactive clinical cases and opportunity for questions and answers The Master Class lasts for 2.5 days of educational content including assessment All participants should complete 3 Clinical Case studies and all should have a lipid focus. Master Class certificate awarded to participants signed by Master class lead Consultant and Course Tutor on behalf of LAI on completion of the case reports. These case reports should be submitted to Dr Devaki R Nair electronically by November 15th 2017.
Examination will be conducted at the end of course as well as online in the month of November or early December 2017, a minimum score of 75% has to be obtained to be certified.

Detailed framework is included in the course handbook. All candidates should identify a mentor for guidance and to attest the originality of the reports. Course organizer may be entitled to confirm the originality as the best case reports will be considered for publication and prizes will be offered for 2 of the best case reports written.

Please keep in touch with the programme organizers by email if you need any further information. We are here to maximize your gain from this master class and we wish that you have an enjoyable learning experience and benefit from the course and the collaboration you may be able to develop with the International Faculty.

Criteria for admission to the course

  • In possession of MBBS and registered for a post graduate qualification or in possession of one.
  • Able to find a mentor who will help in assisting with the case report writing and assessing clinical skills

Assessments and certificate of completion of the course

One hour assessment at the end of the course will include a paper on multiple choice questions and a paper consisting of 5 short cases and contributes to 40% of the total assessment.

The final online MCQ exam at the end of November or beginning of December, 2017 will contribute to 60% of the total assessment. The minimum pass marks is 75% combining the scores of both the exams

All papers are double marked and assessed independently by a third member of the team.

The clinical skills and writing skills are assessed by the mentor and submitted with the case report

If unsuccessful another attempt may be allowed with the next batch on payment of prescribed reexamination fee

Framework for completing case reports:

You are required to complete 3 case reports so as to get a certificate of completion of the lipid master class. The course organisers prefer that you choose three different areas covered by the course curriculum. Each case report should not exceed more than 1000 words (excluding references and pictures, figures and tables)

On registration for the course you are required to identify a mentor who will assist you with writing the case report. Kindly pass the name of your mentors in the form attached, you need to identify a senior clinician with expertise in CVD prevention as your mentor and request that he attests your report as original. All case reports should accompany consent from the patient a sample consent form that can be adapted to your institution is included.

Two of the best case presentations will be selected from the group and considered for publication in a journal and assistance will be given to guide the candidate for publication of the chosen case report. The candidates whose case reports are chosen will receive a prize and will be encouraged and given opportunity to present the case at the next LAI International Conference.


The case report should be written in the following format.

  1. Title
  2. Structured abstract
  3. Introduction
  4. Case report (methods and results)
  5. Discussion
  6. Conclusion
  7. Acknowledgements (if applicable)
  8. References
  9. Tables
  10. Figures and captions

If the case report that is submitted to the course organisers is not original or if the candidate does not submit the case report in the time frame required they will forfeit from obtaining a completion certificate for the course.

Notes for mentor:

Thank you for agreeing to be a mentor and your assistance in completion of the master class in lipids and helping to improve patient care through education. You have been chosen as you are recognized as specialist in lipids/ CVD prevention. If you are not able to offer a full range of activity required by the candidate kindly delegate to another colleague but we request that the overall responsibility rests with you for the candidate.

The candidate has chosen you to asset him/her to complete 3 case reports that they are required to complete as fulfilment of this course. Your involvement is very essential for the success of this new course run on behalf of LAI.

This one to one relationship is essential and as part of the clinical case report writing and we are hopeful that the candidate gain valuable experience in clinical skills related to lipids.

All students have been given a framework to complete the case report as part of this hand book.

You have been asked to attest that the case reports are original and you will be the senior author if the case report is chosen for publication.

A patient consent form is attached and should accompany all cases submitted

Patient consent form

Download Form


Name of person described in article or shown in photograph (required)

Subject matter of photograph or article

Title of article

Corresponding author

I [insert full name] give my consent for this information about MYSELF/MY CHILD OR WARD/MY RELATIVE [circle correct description] relating to the subject matter above (“the Information”) to appear in a publication.*

I have seen and read the material to be submitted

I understand the following:

  1. The Information will be published without my name attached and  the course directors will make every attempt to ensure my anonymity. I understand, however, that complete anonymity cannot be guaranteed. It is possible that somebody somewhere – perhaps, for example, somebody who looked after me if I was in hospital or a relative – may identify me.
  2. The text of the article will be edited for style, grammar, consistency, and length
  3. If published in a journal although goes mainly to doctors but is seen by many non-doctors, including journalists.
  4. The Information will also be placed on LAI website, which is usually visited by users each month.
  5. * The Information may also be used in full or in part in publications and products published by same publishers if accepted for publication. This includes publication in English and in translation, in print, in electronic formats, I can revoke my consent at any time before publication, but once the Information has been committed to publication (“gone to press”) it will not be possible to revoke the consent.