5th International Summit on Lipids

Programme on 18th August (Day-1)


12-12.30pm Registration
12.30-1.00pm Lunch
1.00-1.30pm Oral newer anticoagulants: Indications, are they deeply underused for stroke prevention Dr Mohan Bhargava Dr S Ramakrishnan

Dr K. K. Saxena

Dr Rajeev Mehrotra

Dr Amit Malik



01.30-2.00pm Which antiplatelet agents works better in ACS during acute treatment and chronic management Dr K Narasaraju
02.00-2:30pm How to manage patient of Acute heart failure in first admission Dr Vimal Mehta Dr Vijay Chopra
Dr Sandeep Seth
Dr Neeraj Bhalla
Dr Rajnish Sardana
Dr Rajeeve Rajput
02.30-3:00pm What after intensification of conventional treatment of heart failure Dr Ashwani Mehta
03:00-3.15pm Tea
03.15-3.45pm Recent CVOT with newer anti diabetic drugs: Hope or just Hype Dr Ashu Rastogi Dr Abdul Hamid Zargar
Dr S K Wangnoo
Dr Rajesh Khadgawat
Dr G B Sattur
03.45-4.15pm Is diabetes a vascular disease


Dr Asim Siddiqui
04.15-4.45pm Early intensification the right start for T2DM patients Dr Neeru Gera
04.45-5.15pm Should sulfonylurea be put in waste basket in near future Dr Abhay K Sahoo
05.15-5.45pm Basal insulin plus GLP-1 receptor agonist: current prospective Dr C. V. Harinarayan
05.45-6.15pm FGF1 a new insulin sensitizer for diabetes Dr Rakesh K Sahay
06.15-6.30pm Tea
06.30-7.00pm Should Coronary Chronic Total

Occlusions be treated

Dr Deepak Jain Dr Vipul Roy

Dr N N Khanna

Dr Sunil Modi

7.00-7.45pm New Lipid Lowering therapy Dr Devaki Nair Dr S S Iyengar

Dr S K Gupta

7.45-8.30pm What is New in Hypertension-2018 Prof. Dr. Joachim Weil
8.30-8.45pm Ethics in Coronary Intervention Dr Anil Chaturvedi
8:30 pm onward Dinner & Musical programme

5th International Summit on Lipids

Programme on 19th August (Day-2)


8.00 – 10.05am Plenary lectures


8.00-8.25am Lower is better for LDL C or Not? Evidence from recent Trials Dr Anthony Wiezbecky Dr S S Iyengar

Dr Devaki Nair

Dr S K Agarwal

Dr Vinayak Agarwal




8.25-8.50am Non-HDL Cholesterol versus Apo B Dr Dermot Neely
8.50-9.15am New Lipid lowering Drugs can replace apheresis for homozygous FH Dr Bart Duell
9.15-9.40am Management of Renal artery stenosis Dr Meryl Davis
9.40-10.05am Statin Intolerance Dr Anthony Wiezbecky


10.05-10.20am TEA BREAK


10.20-10.55am Should hsCRP, LP(a) and ApoB be included in routine lipid profile Dr D Prabhakar Dr S K Wangnoo
Dr Manish Bansal
Dr Vimal Mehta
Dr Sameer Malhotra
Dr Nimmi Kansal

10.55-11.20am Does lowering LDL-C to as low as 30mg/dl justified in extremely high risk group Indian patients? Dr Raman Puri


Dr A Muruganathan
Dr A H Zargar
Dr Anil Bhatt
Dr M P S Chawla
Dr Abha Gupta


11.20-11.40am Non HDL-C update Dr S N Narasingan
11.40-12.00am Lipoprotein (a) Dr S S Lakshmanan
12.00-12.30pm PCSK-9 symposium Dr Nathan Wong Dr S S Iyengar

Dr Bart Duell

Dr Dermot Neely





12.30-12.45pm Non Statin Drugs Dr N C Krishnamani
12.45-1.15pm Lipid Guidelines Dr Neil Bordoloi
01.15-01.30pm Discussion
01.30-02.00pm LUNCH
02.00-02.20pm CKD and Lipids Dr Rajeev Aggarwal Dr Sanjiv Jasuja

Dr N P Singh

Dr Rahul Mehrotra

Dr Altamash Shaikh


02.20-02.50pm Lifestyle intervention in Dyslipidaemia Dr Akshaya Pradhan
02.50-03.10pm HDL-C level or function: which matters? Dr Madhur Yadav
03.10-03.20 Discussion
03.20-03.35pm Ethics in lipid management Dr Anil Chaturvedi
03.35-04.45pm Free paper presentation Dr Devaki Nair

Dr Madhur Yadav

Dr H S Rehan

Dr O P Sharma

04.45-05.15pm Delhi Declaration 2018 Dr H S Rehan
05.15-05.30pm Vote of thanks Dr O P Sharma