3rd Lipidology Course

Programme on 17th August (Day 1) (Hall B)


6.00-6.15pm Introduction to the Course  Dr Madhur Yadav
6:15:6:45pm Epidemiology of ASCVD in India Dr Rashida Melinkari
6:45: 7:15pm Traditional risk factors for CVD and calculating CVD Risk


Dr Devaki Nair
7:15- 7:45pm Lipoprotein Metabolism


Dr Bart Duell
7:45-8:00pm Biochemical investigations in assessing CVD Risk Dr Devaki. Nair
  Panel Discussion
8:00-8:30pm Interactive session on using different Risk engines – Dr Devaki Nair

Dr S S Iyengar

Dr Nathan Wong

8.30pm 0nwards Dinner with Faculty

3rd Lipidology Course

Programme on 18th August (Day 2) (Hall B)


8.00am-8.30am Biochemistry and genetics of Hypertriglyceridemia Dr Devaki Nair
8.30-9:00am Biochemistry and Genetics of HDL Dr Anthony Wierzbicky
9.30- 10.00am Screening for AAA Dr  Meryl  Davis
10.00-10.30am Lipoprotein (a) Dr Dermot Neely
10:30-10.45am Coffee Break
10.45-11.15am Diagnosis and management of FH Dr Bart Duell
11.15-11:45pm Severe Hypertriglyceridemia Dr Devaki Nair
11.45-12.15pm Lipid Guidelines Dr Neil Bordoloi
12.15-12.45pm LDL-C how low should be the target Dr Dharmendra Jain
12.45-1.15pm Current LDL lowering therapies Dr Nathan Wong
1.15-2.15pm LUNCH BREAK  
2.15-2.45pm Metabolic & Diabetic Dyslipidaemia Dr S K Wangnoo
2.45-3.15pm Triglycerides and CVD Dr S N Narasingan
3.15-3.45pm Statin intolerance Dr Bart Duell
3.45-4.00pm HIV and lipids Dr Devaki Nair
4.15pm-4.45pm PAD Dr Meryl Davis
4.45pm-5.00pm Coffee break
5:00-5:30pm Inflammatory arthritis and Lipids Dr Sundeep Upadhyay
5.15pm-5.45pm Statin in Heart failure Dr Vimal Mehta
5.45pm-6.15pm Statin in ACS Dr Dyan Wulan Anggahini
6.15pm-6.45pm Statin in women and Elderly population Dr Abha Gupta
7.oopm onwards Main Hall for guest lectures followed by dinner

3rd Lipidology Course

Programme on 19th August (Day 3) (Hall B)


8.00am-8.25am Lower is better for LDL C or Not? Evidence from recent Trials Dr Anthony Wierzbicky
8.25am-8.50am Non-HDL Cholesterol versus Apo B Dr Dermot Neely
8.50am-9.15am New Lipid lowering Drugs can replace apheresis for homozygous FH Dr Meryl Davis
9.15am-9.40am Management of Renal artery stenosis Dr Bart Duell
9.40am-10.05am Statin Intolerance Dr Anthony Wierzbicky
10.05am-10.30am TEA BREAK  
10.30am-11.00am CKD and Lipids Dr Rajeev Aggarwal
11.00am-11.30am Should hsCRP, LP(a) and ApoB be included in routine lipid profile Dr D Prabhakar
11.30am-11.45am Lifestyle intervention in Dyslipidaemia Dr Akshaya Pradhan
11.45am-12.00am HDL-C level or function: which matters? Dr Madhur Yadav
12:00-pm -12.20pm Non-Statin Drugs Dr N C Krishnamani
12:20-pm -12.40pm Drugs affecting lipid metabolism Dr Harmeet S Rehan
12.40-01.00pm How to complete your portfolio Dr Devaki Nair
01.00pm-01.30pm LUNCH  
1.30pm-2.30pm Clinical case Discussion Dr S S Iyengar

Dr Devaki Nair

2.30pm-3.30pm Assessment